Fitz's Classic Grill BBQ Smoke House. Is a family owned and operated restaurant. We have been in business since 1994 where we first started as a catering company out of our home. After a few years of the wear and tired on our home appliances we felt it was time to continue our adventure by re locating. We found a quant little spot on   Bentley Ave where we not only had a catering company but a little café .After many years of having a successful business reputation we found it was time to relocated to something bigger and better where we could accommodate both  types of customers. We now can offer a place to sit at one of our many dining tables in the restaurant .We can also provide the same for any types of receptions in  one of our of newly renovated banquet rooms.

Now called Fitz's Classic Grill BBQ Smoke House. We pride ourselves on the quality of food that we are able to provide for our customers. Just like the little café on Bentley we still are able to give to everyone food that is fresh and taste like you are at home. Our little hide away offers all three meals.  We are sure to please everyone taste from the freshly grill home fries right to the perfectly smoked salmon. Hope you will come and visit us soon!